Our Company

Humble Beginnings

Weigand Construction traces its roots back to 1906 when stonesman Henry Weigand began installing and repairing many of Fort Wayne’s brick sidewalks. Four generations later, Larry Weigand has led the company to annual revenues of more than $200 million and positioned it as one of the premier builders in the Midwest by expanding operations in Ohio and Michigan. With an average of 400 skilled workers, Weigand Construction (WCI) has completed projects from simple renovations to state-of-the-art, nationally recognized facilities and is regarded as a specialist in healthcare and wellness, education, industrial and commercial work.

Commitment to Client Service

Client service has long been a staple of Weigand Construction’s commitment to our “Client for Life” philosophy. That means our goal is to earn the loyalty of like-minded, value-sensitive clients by:

  • Consistently providing quality, value-based construction services
  • Anticipating and exceeding client needs
  • Honoring commitments
  • Providing for the community
  • Developing dedicated, success-driven employees

To that end, we are committed to ensuring the quality of Weigand Construction’s work. Our craftsmanship will be apparent and easily recognizable in each of our projects. By concentrating on the details that distinguish our work from other contractors, we’re building more than better solutions—WE BUILD SUCCESS.