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8 New Features at the Mercer Health Ohio MOB

Mercer Health Maria Stein MOB

Patient Ready  

Mercer Health staff and the Marion community gathered to celebrate the completion and opening of the new Marion Campus. Along with the grand opening, there were also guided tours of the building and a “shop local” event for surrounding businesses like Moeller Brew Barn, Winans Coffee and Chocolate, The Edge Sports Complex, and IOS. 

Replacing the existing office off Marion Drive, this facility is now located on Booster Drive at Marion Industrial Park. The additional office space supports more practitioners in a medical office building, resulting in a great expansion of Mercer Health’s medical care services to the communities they serve in Ohio. 

Final Progress Update

Take look at this video from November covering the campus and some finishing touches before the opening:

Service Improvements 

Ohio Healthcare Contractor

This 19,600sf structure is equipped with: 

  • Administration Space 
  • Medical Exam Rooms 
  • Nursing Stations 
  • Beautiful Lobby/Waiting Area 
  • Staff Lounges 
  • Procedure Rooms 
  • Multipurpose Community Space 
  • Spacious Parking Lot 
  • And more 

These features give the $7.8M development more capacity for physicians, medical staff, and practitioners to increase patient treatment throughout the community.  

Being a Good Neighbor 

Ohio Medical Office Building

“We are excited to enhance health care services in the Marion community. At Mercer Health we often talk about caring for our friends, family and neighbors. This isn’t just something we say, it is a promise. It is truly our mission, an honor we don’t take lightly, to care for our community.”

Mindy Kremer, Vice President of Development, Marketing, and Communications, Mercer Health 

We are thankful for the opportunity to work alongside Mercer Health to construct a medical office building that fits their vision and purpose. We look forward to seeing friends, families, and neighbors of Maria Stein benefit from high quality healthcare in the years to come.