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Our Take on Tech

Bishop Brown - Chief Technology Officer

BISHOP BROWN, CHIEF TECHNOLOGY OFFICER – At Weigand, we understand the importance technology plays in Building Landmarks That Impact The Lives And Communities We Serve. We always seek to leverage technology to improve the construction process and continually exceed client expectations on each and every project. The technology department helps Weigand reach their goals by providing IT support to employees, subcontractors, and customers as well as adopting and implementing innovative technologies to help Weigand serve better.

Some examples of our use of technology include:
  • Using our Building Information Modeling (BIM) approach to coordinate complex projects using state of the art software
  • Our three FAA licensed UAV pilots using our professional-grade drones to capture compelling project visuals
  • Our use of project management software, like PlanGrid, to collaborate with all project stakeholders in real-time

Construction Scheduling

COVID-19 reinforced the principal at Weigand that to be effective, our employees must be able to effectively and efficiently work from anywhere.  For several years, we have been equipping our field and office leaders with mobile-first hardware and software to enable this principal, such as cellular-enabled laptops and iPads and cloud-first applications like PlanGrid and Zoom. These investments allowed Weigand to pivot overnight into an entirely remote workforce with no disruptions or impact to operations. The entire office staff was able to work from home as effectively as if they were still in the office, and use our prior investment in Zoom to continue the high level of collaboration we expect. While we all endure the hardships and adversity that COVID-19 has wrought, I am thankful for our foresight into enabling a remote workforce and our ability to protect the health and safety of our employees.

****An excerpt from our Fall 2020 Newsletter***