Safety Commitment

Experience Modification Rating (EMR)

A good safety record reflects quality management, supervision and workers. EMR, or Experience Modification Rating, is a tool used to measure loss prevention and control practices in insurance and claims management. Simply speaking, EMR compares a company’s workers compensation claims experience to other similarly sized companies in the same industry. EMRs range from 0.0 to 2.0, and a lower number indicates a better safety history. Companies that proactively seek contractors with safe working environment practices will often assign a standard EMR when selecting a contractor; for example, General Motors will not work with any company with an EMR above 0.99. The general contractor industry average EMR is 1.0; Weigand’s EMR is .65.

Proactive Measures

This safety record is no accident. Our safety program is managed by a full-time, degreed safety director who assists field supervisors in implementing our stringent safety program through safety performance audits, training programs and the provision of solutions to safety concerns at job sites. Our employee safety training includes formal classroom instruction as well as weekly company-wide safety meetings, and the Weigand Safety Committee regularly shares accident and near-miss reports, reviewing suggestions sent in by all members of our workforce. Circulating this information serves to prevent recurrence of incidents and drives the continuous improvement of our safety performance.

Weigand Construction believes that efficiency, productivity, and safety are important parts of the construction expertise we provide to our clients. We are absolutely committed to making our company the safest possible, not just to comply with federal, state, and local requirements, but because we are committed to the well-being of our coworkers, our clients, and the public. That’s why we maintain an aggressive safety program. Our outstanding safety record is just a perk.

For more information on our commitment to safety, contact our Safety Director, Greg Musi or Safety Manager, Harrison Tash.