The Intern to Employee Pipeline

An Excerpt from our Q2 Newsletter

Lexi Gregory

My name is Alexis Gregory, and I’m a Workforce Development Administrator here at Weigand Construction! 

How it All Began

The last time you heard from me, I was a first-year intern beginning my career in Weigand’s Marketing Department during the summer of 2023. Throughout that time, I visited numerous jobsites, interacted with superintendents and field professionals, got firsthand experience seeing amazing projects being built, did press coverage for events like groundbreakings, and much more. 

Back to School

As the summer ended, I returned to college for one final semester before graduation. My internship continued, where I transitioned to WCI’s HR Department. From organizing career fairs to poring over job descriptions, I gained key insights into HR’s operations. Working on company event preparations and content creation also expanded my skill set. Despite numerous challenges, I embraced the opportunity to learn and grow. 

On the Team

This January, I accepted a full-time position, combining aspects of my internship with new responsibilities. I now have the pleasure of attending career fairs, aiding in recruiting future interns and full-time employees, while also creating new resources for training and development. It’s been a fulfilling journey, marked by lessons learned and new experiences. I’m excited to see the internship program continue expanding, with 26 interns set to join us this summer—an even bigger class from the previous year. These interns represent various departments across our entire company, and I look forward to seeing how they impact Weigand Construction’s future. I’m thrilled to play a role in their development as they shape the company’s success!


Alexis Gregory

Workforce Development Administrator