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Ministry Building Bridging the Gap

Ribbon Cutting

A Project to Shift the Region 

Main Hallway

Organizations, community partners, employees, donors, and residents from throughout the Fort Wayne community witnessed the grand opening of the brand-new Bridge of Grace facility. Introducing and expanding ministry services, this new construction is designed to house three specific functions of Bridge of Grace’s operations: 

  1. The Early Years Academy 
  1. Bridge of Grace Offices 
  1. The Alliance Health Clinic 

Early Childhood Development

The Early Years Academy supports growth and development for local children between the infant and preschool ages. Covering much of the facility’s square footage, the preschool features: 

  • Infant Rooms 
  • Toddler Rooms 
  • Preschooler Wing 
  • Outdoor Play Areas 
  • Indoor Play Space 
  • Staff Lounge 
  • Conference Space 
  • Multipurpose Room 
  • Kitchen 
Preschool Room

“We believe in natural wonder and fostering curiosity to provide a child centered learning experience. We believe children are precious and unique individuals.”

Early Years Academy, Westminster Preschool 

A Brand New Office Space

The Bridge of Grace offices are set to equip employees for their everyday workloads with: 

  • Conference Rooms 
  • Cafe Area 
  • Office Suites 
  • Cubicle Layouts 
  • And More 

Professional Healthcare Services

The Alliance Health Clinic is a special healthcare center built to provide healthcare for those in the community regardless of financial challenges, complete with: 

  • Therapist Office 
  • Exam Rooms 
  • Administrative Space 
  • Lobby 
  • Nurse Station 

For a Greater Purpose

This project comes on the heels of many years of the ministry investing in Southeast Fort Wayne. Seeing an opportunity to revitalize and uplift an overlooked and underserved area of the city, Javier Mondragon Founder and CEO of Bridge of Grace Ministries, set out to serve and breathe life into a neighborhood whose people had been ignored and forgotten by many. 

Javier Mondragon Speech

“Seventeen years ago, God decided to change this community, and what a privilege to be part of the change and the transformation that is happening here in the Mount Vernon Park [Neighborhood] and Southeast Fort Wayne.”

Javier Mondragon, Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Bridge of Grace Ministries 

We are honored to have joined forces with Bridge of Grace in this project that will directly impact lives through avenues like education, early childhood development, healthcare, and so much more. We’re excited to see how Bridge of Grace continues to pour into the community and change Southeast Fort Wayne for the better in the years to come! 

Health Clinic
Building Tours
Ribbon Cutting Event Members
Kelly Packnett Speech
Main Hallway
Alliance Health Speaking
Celebrating Cutting the Ribbon
Exam Room
Preschool Room
Chuck Surack Speech

How to Set Vision for the New Year

Mike Miller

It feels as though the year has just begun, and yet we’re just about to dip into the second quarter! This is a perfect time to check-in on yearly goals and see how they’re coming along.

For me, as I review both personal and team goals, my focus is always on the team first. For South Bend, my goal continues to be growing the Weigand “brand”. With not having a 116-year history like Fort Wayne, and not being as recognized regionally, I’m constantly looking for ways to increase awareness of our name. Some of these initiatives are strategic social media posts, community service days with a local not-for-profit, and using our new K-12 Scholarship Program in partnering with local school corporations.  

On a personal level, I remind myself to look at the larger picture. Each Weigand team member is busy dealing with the day-to-day whirlwind that we all live in. I can often get sucked into daily tasks requiring my full attention, and before I know it, a month or two has gone by and I’ve lost perspective. It’s important that I step back from time to time and remember the bigger goal. 

What about you? What’s important for you to keep in mind when you’re on the clock? Make time to gain context with your goals this year; it can help you reach them more consistently!

Mike Miller

Mike Miller

Business Development Associate

Exciting Ministry Unleashes Hope for Community

Raising Shovels for Hope

Bridge of Grace

Bridge of Grace leadership, donors, and committee members gleefully tossed soil with shovels in hand, officially breaking ground for the ministry’s new Early Childhood Development Center and Comprehensive Health Clinic this March. A piece to a bigger puzzle, the project is part of their “Hope Unleashed” Capital Campaign. The 30,000 square foot building will serve the Mount-Vernon Park and Pettit-Rudisill neighborhoods in Southeast Fort Wayne. Desiring to aide an overlooked section of Fort Wayne, groups from across the city joined forces and make this happen.

“We are just so excited. This is a monumental step to be able to have an early learning center provide quality of care for children; it’s just incredible. People here not only need these services, but also, they deserve it.”

Javier Mondragon, CEO and Founder of Bridge of Grace

First Step of Many

Bridge of Grace

“Hope Unleashed” currently raises funds in multiple categories such as housing, opportunity, progress, and education. As a result of the tremendous support shown for the community, the campaign garnered over $13 million in funding with a goal to reach $15 million by the end. In addition to the new facility, the donations cover home ownership programs, local business growth, park renovations, and more.

Bright Future Ahead

Bridge of Grace

Weigand is proud to partner with Bridge of Grace on this project. It’s an honor to be part of such an important job. Although this is just the beginning, we look forward to seeing the profound impact this has on Southeast Fort Wayne!

Bridge of Grace
Bridge of Grace
Bridge of Grace
Bridge of Grace
Bridge of Grace
Bridge of Grace
Bridge of Grace
Bridge of Grace
Bridge of Grace
Bridge of Grace

SCAN Duck Race – The Results Are In!

DSC 0091

Ducks up the River!

DSC 0029

We had lots of fun watching thousands of colorful ducks make a splash on the St. Mary’s River during the 34th annual Weigand Construction Duck Race to benefit SCAN this year! We had up to 15,000 ducks starting from the Wells Street Bridge and floating towards the finish line. In the end, we were able to help fundraise over $220,000 for SCAN!

Watch the race right here!

For Children and their Families

DSC 0076

SCAN’s mission is to protect children from abuse and neglect by supporting families navigating through times of need. With the help of local businesses and people from all over our area, the money donated will go directly towards the services they give to the community. Their offering includes counseling, education, intervention programs, and prevention training. Here at Weigand, we are proud to be able to stand alongside SCAN; it’s an honor to partner with them in their charge to serve our community. With everyone’s support, their work is making it a safer, healthier place for children and their households to grow and flourish!

A giant THANK YOU to everyone who came out this year to watch the race, sponsor ducks, rally your support around SCAN, and advocate for a better future for kids in our community!

Crosswinds Planking Challenge

Our crew and their families were lookin’ good last night at the Crosswinds Planking Challenge! We were thrilled to be involved in another year of getting down ⬇️ to lift others up! ⬆️

SAW’s Ramps of St. Joseph County – Service Day

Another day of service on the books for the WCI South Bend Team! ?While helping others is always a good feeling, they were able to see the immediate joy on Joe’s face when they were finished. That’s what it’s all about. Great work everyone! ?

#trustwellbuilt #communityimpact

Renaissance Kids Architecture Camp

Renaissance Kids 3We’re helping the next generation learn to measure twice and cut once (ok, maybe twice) at Renaissance Kids Architecture Camp at Andrews University this week! Check out the work this group has done to build this outdoor playhouse that will be auctioned off later this summer… great job to all involved! ???

Renaissance Kids 2 Renaissance Kids

30th Annual SCAN Duck Race 2018

Duck Race 2018 Winner
? We have a winner! ?

The 30th annual Duck Race to benefit SCAN Inc. was a success! Gorgeous day, family fun, great music, and raising over $200k for an amazing cause. Can it get any better than that? We sure don’t think so – see you next year!

Crosswinds Planking Challenge

Team Weigand represented tonight at the Crosswinds Planking Challenge fundraiser! What a great cause for a great organization. Our estimator Ryan Lough came in 2nd overall with a 25 minute plank. Great job everyone!

Crosswinds Planking Challenge 2018 Crosswinds Planking Challenge 2018