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Groundbreaking Sports Complex Project

Project Sign

A New Field for the Home Team 

Community members, school leadership, and project partners came together in early June to celebrate the official start of construction on the new Baseball/Softball Complex for Goshen High School. Set to be built on the campus of Prairie View Elementary, the new sports complex is a project that comes after more than 60 years spent playing on existing, outdated fields.  

Speech prior to groundbreaking

“We had a baseball field, it was in terrible shape, I hate to say, I think it’s probably one of the worst baseball fields in northern Indiana. But our softball field wasn’t any better and that was at the park, and we couldn’t play the games there.”

Jim DuBois, Superintendent, Goshen Community Schools 

A Better Playing Experience 

With conversations about finding a new home for the baseball and softball teams starting 20 years ago, planning for this new facility has been a long time in the making. Some fresh amenities that will come with the complex include: 

Shovels and Dirt Mound
  • Baseball Diamond 
  • Softball Diamond 
  • Field Lighting 
  • Turf 
  • Press Boxes 
  • Parking
  • Team Dugouts 
  • Concessions and Restroom Facility
  • And More 

Turf on fields will allow rain during the Spring season to drain more efficiently, preventing fields from flooding. This reduces the number of postponed games. On top of that, new lighting fixtures will allow for better visibility in the dark, making support for night games possible. 

Better Access for Everyone 

Parking has been a known issue at the field where the baseball team plays, but that problem will be resolved after this project’s completion. 

Hard hats

“This plan there’ll be parking right there next to the softball/baseball facility. If we do need overflow, the elementary school here will have extra parking spaces. It would be after school hours so there’ll be plenty of room to park at the elementary school.”

Jim DuBois, Superintendent, Goshen Community Schools 

We’re excited for the opportunity to partner with Goshen Community Schools and provide the softball and baseball players with a brand-new space that meets their needs now and into the future. Families and spectators can expect to see teams in action at the sports complex by 2025! 

Groundbreaking Site
Lifting the dirt
Project Sign
Community Gathering
Kids break ground
Shoveling Dirt