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Wheel of Fortune Host Snips Ribbon on New Media Center

Ribbon Cutting

A Special Unveiling 

Hillsdale Media Team Members

Donors, partners, and members of the Hillsdale College community came together to experience the new Sajak Media Center, complete with sets and special lighting filling the space! Named after the project’s primary donor, Pat Sajak, the former Wheel of Fortune Host and current Hillsdale Board of Trustees Chairman, the Sajak Media Center is a 6,453 square foot facility with the space and equipment to support Hillsdale’s wide array of media projects.  

Before this new facility was completed, the Hillsdale Media Team would shoot their marketing and educational content in a studio in the Knorr Student Center basement. As their operations began to expand, the team’s output quickly outgrew the studio, creating a rising need for a new home for their video production. 

A Defining Upgrade 

Addressing the Crowd

The Sajak Media Center was conceptualized to help not only meet the Hillsdale Media Team’s immediate needs, but also support their growth going forward into the future with features like: 

  • State-of-the-Art Soundproofing 
  • Sprawling Studio with Space to Hold Multiple Sets and Shoots 
  • A Green Room 
  • A Makeup Room 
  • And More 

Beyond Better Production 

This structure does more than just provide a better place to produce video. It strengthens Hillsdale’s deep library of online education courses that have been accessed by 1.7 million students. 

Green Room

“The center will also allow online learning and the visual arts team to have several sets available simultaneously, which means we can develop a more aggressive film schedule and produce more high-quality courses.”

Jeremiah Regan, Executive Director of Online Learning, Hillsdale College 

We’re excited to see another amazing project go up successfully here on Hillsdale College’s beautiful campus. We can’t wait to see how the Sajak Media Center bolsters their high-quality education in the years to come! 

Event Guests
Front Row Seats
Video Set at the Media Center
Addressing the Crowd
Larry Weigand and Pat Sajak
Event Podium
Donors Meeting
Mingling Before the Event
Donors Group Photo

New YMCA Hits Project Milestone

The Final Beam

Another Steppingstone 

Topping out Site

Locals, leaders, and community partners gathered in Muncie, Indiana to watch the final beam of the steel frame secured at the site of the new YMCA facility. This step, marking the “end of the beginning” of the construction process, is the first major milestone of the project. Set to be completed in early February of 2025, more accomplishments marking the facility’s progress will follow in the coming months as Weigand and its project partners continue to churn forward. 

More Function 

YMCA of Muncie

Once complete, the YMCA of Muncie’s new building will span 73,000 square feet and feature: 

  1. A Community Health Clinic  
  1. An Aquatics Center with Two Pools 
  1. Weight Room  
  1. Exercise Equipment  
  1. Gymnasium  
  1. And Much More 

A Community Effort 

On top of many great amenities, the new facility was made possible through the community’s support. Funded by many local organizations and donations, the YMCA will benefit more than membership holders through sharing the Aquatics Center with the local high school and the health clinic. 

The Job site crane

“This moment embodies the strength of our community coming together to build a brighter future. I am incredibly proud of the dedication and hard work that has brought us to this point, and I look forward to seeing the positive impact the YMCA of Muncie will have on the lives of so many.” – Chad Zaucha, President and CEO, YMCA of Muncie 

We are looking forward to seeing this new YMCA building up and running for the good of everyone in the Muncie community! 

The steel beam
Beam Placement
Muncie Community
Sharing Thoughts and Remarks
The Final Beam

5 Important Updates at Steuben County

Groundbreaking Speech.

The End of the Beginning

On Monday, April 10th, Weigand workers attached the final beams of the Steuben County Judicial Center’s frame, marking a new progress milestone for the project. When finished in 2024, the new facility will be over 56,000 square feet, making it the first new judicial system construction in over 150 years. The current Steuben County Annex, which was first built in 1867, has become increasingly outdated and unable to meet new municipal building accessibility requirements. After a period of putting together a plan that went between updating the Annex or creating an entirely new facility, community officials decided to move forward with starting from scratch with a new judicial center. 

Steuben Top Out

Bringing Officials Together

The 3 Story + Partial Basement structure brings several amenities and more space: 

  • 3 Courtrooms in the upper levels  
  • Offices 
  • Support Spaces 
  • Storage Areas 
  • Holding Cells 
  • Mechanical Spaces 

With a significant increase in square footage, Steuben County’s justice system will be able to bring most of its public offices into one single building. All but the Sheriff’s Department will transfer to the new building, including some additional offices like the Clerk of Courts, Probation Department, and the Steuben County Prosecuting Attorney’s office. 

Steuben Top Out

Project Dedication

Despite the challenges that come with construction during the winter months, our team has completed 210 consistent days of project operations, putting us one-third of the way through the schedule. Steel erection was completed in just 2.5 weeks, paving the way for preparations on the first-floor slab deck like stairs, decking, detailing, and welding.  

Starting from Rock Bottom 

The success of completing the steel topping would not have been possible without the expert work of Weigand’s concrete crew, however. Beginning the job in the basement, crews spent weeks safely excavating soil and creating the bottom level of the structure. This part of the project was finalized with a well-executed, 9,700 square foot concrete slab pour. From here, crews began work setting the foundation for the building’s first floor. These individual milestones created a base for pillars and steel framing to go up, allowing us to see the “skeleton” of the facility for the first time! 

Steuben Top Out

Homegrown Investment 

Students from Hendry Park Elementary School attended the topping out ceremony, and many locals have voiced in favor of this project. There was debate initially on whether the original judicial building should be a renovation project instead of an entirely new structure, but once a decision had been made, the community rallied behind the conclusion and saw this construction as an important next step for the region. The Steuben County Government, RQAW Architecture, and the City of Angola have also demonstrated their show of support, partnering with Weigand in this venture. However, this is not just a municipal project for the county. It’s also an opportunity for Weigand staff to invest directly in the places they call home. Five employees from our firm reside in Steuben, including the Project Manager and the Superintendent assigned to the job.  

Steuben Top Out
Steuben Top Out
Steuben Top Out
Steuben Top Out
Steuben Top Out
Steuben Top Out

Levan-Scott Academy Project Breaks Ground

“A significant impact to the educational programming here in southeast Fort Wayne…we think it’s well overdue…we’re serving our students in our community”

Dr. Mark Daniel (FWCS Superintendent)

New Beginnings 

Earlier this month, we officially broke ground at Levan Scott Academy. With Weigand serving as the construction manager as constructor, this moment marked the beginning of a 43,456 square foot renovation and expansion!  

Levan-Scott Academy

Once the project is done, the school will have: 

  • State-of-the-art heating and cooling systems  
  • Updates to the vents and airways 
  • Specialized, energy-efficient lighting  
  • Nineteen new classrooms 
  • A media center 
  • A cafeteria  
  • Supplementary spaces 

A Much-Needed Addition 

Levan-Scott Academy

The final product will be a building that gives space to house more students, and provides extra rooms dedicated to their development. A few of these future rooms have unique learning experiences with art and music designed in the layout! Parents were also considered during the planning phase. As a result, more parking spots and a pick-up lane will be added to help with traffic.  

A Leader’s Legacy 

Dr. Levan Scott

The Academy is named after Dr. Levan R. Scott, who was Fort Wayne’s first Black Principle in 1965. He faithfully worked with Fort Wayne Community Schools for 28 years. He advocated for civil rights and equality for students and staff during his time of service. For this reason, FWCS continues to honor the memory of his legacy through the school.

Better Service to a Growing Community 

Levan-Scott Academy

“This addition allows Scott Academy to better serve the community, which is the fastest growing area in Fort Wayne Community Schools,” said FWCS Superintendent, Dr. Mark Daniel, while speaking at the groundbreaking. With this in mind, we can’t wait to finish this new and improved Levan-Scott Academy to benefit southeast Fort Wayne! 

Levan-Scott Academy
Levan-Scott Academy
Levan-Scott Academy
Levan-Scott Academy
Levan-Scott Academy
Levan-Scott Academy
Levan-Scott Academy
Levan-Scott Academy