Vera Bradley Campus

Vera Bradley, a Fort Wayne-based manufacturer of quilted handbags and accessories, called on Weigand Construction to craft a facility to house their creative team. The design objective was to promote an environment of inspiration, creativity, and open communication between the various departments, which included design, marketing and retail—all of which serve the worldwide operations of Vera Bradley.

With an ever growing business model and continued diversification, it became a necessity for Vera Bradley to centralize their corporate headquarters onto one campus. In order to accommodate over 700 employees, Weigand was chosen as the Construction Manager for two building additions at their Roanoke campus.  The Design Center added 149,000sf along with 10,000sf to the Distribution Center.

This unique building incorporates elements of sustainability, including the reuse of an existing facility, day lighting concepts via clerestory windows, task lighting, open office space planning for efficient work space, low wattage electrical lighting, storm water management, and recycled materials including carpet, steel, and furniture products.